For many people, the past 15 months or so have been characterized primarily by sameness – the same setting, the same routine, the same people (if any) every day.

Depending on your local and personal situation, maybe now is the time to mix it up. Our brains enjoy novelty. It is good for us and helps us create new neural connections.

What do you enjoy?

Seek variety in your life. Consider peppering your life with some high-excitement activities to spice things up. For some this may be sky diving or bungy jumping, but you can also reach new heights on the ground.

Consider things that stretch you like:

  • taking an improv or painting class
  • hiking a new park in your areas
  • learning a new sport (we started playing pickleball recently)
  • trying a new recipe (here’s one for pasta pie).

Even games can infuse novelty into your day. A family favorite of ours is Catch Phrase, a fast-paced game that combines verbal cues with a hot potato-like timer.

You can also add calming activities. Exploring nature, visiting art exhibits, practicing prayer or meditation, enjoying a nightly bubble bath, and listening to calming music can calm the mind and body.  

Pay attention to the right mix of exciting and calming activities for you and your family.  

Feed the need for novelty and mix it up!