Life is a great teacher even when I am not a great student.  Although I don’t drink much, I am striving to be like a fine wine – to get better with age.

Like you, life has taught me much. So I have highlighted 14 of my life lessons here:

  1. My best education started after I graduated…. and will never end!
  2. Wisdom is more important than intelligence.   
  3. Life is not about me.  Our lives were meant to give away.
  4. There is much more grey than black and white (not just my hair, but on real issues).
  5. Recurring patterns and cycles are clear when I look beyond fleeting trends; rather, focus on stable human dynamics.
  6. A strong sense of purpose provides daily meaning and motivation. Why I do things is more important than what I do.
  7. Strongly held values enable faster, better decisions.
  8. My personal faith provides hope in life’s valleys and humility at life’s peaks.
  9. Integrity is my greatest personal asset.  I can prove it or lose it with every decision I make.  Living with integrity is rarely convenient, but it’s always the right thing to do. 
  10. A rich life is realized by participating in it versus observing it. To quote my fully engaged wife, Julie Davis-Colan, “Life… be in it!”
  11. My legacy will be measured by what I leave in others, not what I leave for them.
  12. People don’t need much – just to be seen and to be heard.
  13. My trials can either define or refine me. I choose the latter.
  14. Love really is the answer.

I would love to hear what life has taught YOU.