An exercise that encourages you and others is to share “strength stories.” During strength stories, team members share a verbal narrative about a time when they were at their very best. Have them conjure details of that time: what they were doing, who they were interacting with, what they accomplished, and how they felt.

As each person shares their story, observe the joy they express and the joy that others feel as they listen to the story. This exercise helps you savor the past and deepen your understanding of your strengths.

As an additional benefit, strength stories connect all parties with a shared positive experience in the moment and well into the future.  

Positive, encouraging words are the seeds of success. Plant those seeds in someone’s mind and heart today. You’ll start a positive ripple effect that will be felt by many people and many miles away, not to mention the positive effect you will feel inside.

Speak words of strength, opportunity, kindness, and appreciation to bring out the best in yourself and others.