Leadership matters today more than ever. Attributes that distinguished great leaders yesterday are basic  requirements today. Sustained remote work challenges and the desire for workers to see the human behind the leader are forcing leaders to elevate their games, to be more human and more vulnerable (i.e., personally courageous).

In fact, the single most important factor influencing the growth of your business is…YOU and your leadership!

Consider a measurement continuum. The two ends represent the two types of performance indicators. Lagging indicators are the results of your team’s past performance – they enable you to see if your activities produced the desired outcomes. Leading indicators are the drivers of your team’s future performance – they give you early warning signs of problems.

This continuum illustrates that leadership is the most leading indicator of healthy growth. 

Economic and competitive pressures force many leaders to focus on lagging indicators, typically financial ones. Of course, it’s important to consider lagging indicators to know how well you have performed in the past. However, you must balance your view with leading indicators that show how your organization will perform 6, 9 or 12 months from now.

Great leadership is good business. And great leaders are like sun and water for healthy growth.

Leadership is a force multiplier when it comes to the healthy growth. The leader sets the vision, expectations, encouragement, and most importantly, the example for the five growth factors. The result is healthy growth for all those involved – from the breakroom to the board room.

The bottom line:  Healthy Leadership x 5 Growth Factors = Healthy Growth

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