Last week we spoke at an international conference for managing partners of accounting firms (in person!). We were struck by the wide range of current work situations, from fully back in the office to fully hunkered down at home, depending on the country and state. 

Amongst all their differences, there was one clear common challenge: attracting and retaining good talent. And for good reason as we are seeing significant movement in the employment market.

In fact, a recent Korn Ferry survey showed that currently the #1 reason for leaving jobs is “company culture and purpose” (35% of responses). “Concerns about leadership” accounted for 21% of responses. So, these two responses account for more than half of what is driving people to move away from their current jobs.

The theme for these reasons is connection – connection to purpose and meaning, connection to teammates and shared values, connection to my coach and my growth.

Healthy Growth

Healthy leadership and the 5 healthy growth factors form the human connection you need to attract and retain the best talent.

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