We all need to make a time and place that offers us mental space. Your space might be your car as you drive home after work, a reading or meditation corner in your house, your bathtub, your gym, a nearby park where you walk—anywhere you can be alone with your thoughts.

The thinking, planning, and reflection you do in this space helps you get off the treadmill and rise above the hurly-burly of your everyday world to gain a better perspective on yourself, your situation, and your dreams.

You don’t actually have to go on vacation or head for the spa.  Closed office door, patio, favorite chair, drive home, exercise?

When you stop moving, your world gets quieter. You don’t hear the babble of people working all around you, the rustle of information, the pinging of emotion, the roar of the wind past your ears. All that noise, gone – and then you can truly listen.  The quieter you become the more you hear. 

Here is a past post about 5 Ways to Create More Mental Space.

In the book, Winners Always Quit, we address this topic in the chapter titled “Quit Moving… and Be Still.”