Think about the last time you were in the ocean. Whether you were swimming, kayaking or paddle boarding, you kept an eye on your umbrella or bright colored towel on the beach to track your movement in the water. Rarely, if ever, does drifting in the water take you where you want.  You must intentionally steer and work your paddles get to your desire location.

Our lives are the same way.  Allowing life’s current to direct us rarely leads to our desired destination.  However, it only takes three, simple navigational tools to achieve our goals:

  1. A clear vision of what you want to achieve. (Focus)
  2. Skills and knowledge on how to achieve it. (Competence)
  3. A compelling reason why you want to achieve it. (Passion)

These three tools form the Adherence Equation.  We have field-tested it for 14 years since it was introduced in the best-selling, rapid-read book, Sticking to It:  The Art of Adherence.

The follow-up companion book, 107 Ways to Stick to It, is filled with practical tips and tools to help you navigate your way to success.

Here’s to driving vs. drifting toward your goals!