After 21 years of serving leaders, last year we started a process of designing our future much like we have for many clients. During this iterative process we dug deep to better understand ourselves, our clients and the world of work. Our objective was to zoom in on the intersection of our personal calling, priorities of today’s worker and the needs of executives who are leading in a new world.

We have landed firmly on serving as leadership advisors dedicated to healthy growth. That’s healthy growth for leaders, for employees, and for the business. Healthy growth is positive, strong, sustained and serves all parties.

The single most important factor influencing the healthy growth of a business is the leader. Great leadership is good business.

Expansive Gallup’ research reveals that today’s world of work requires leaders to:

  • Be human first, then lead authentically
  • Create a compelling purpose and plan
  • Nurture an aligned culture
  • Coach daily 
  • Engage the minds and hearts
  • Execute with excellence.

Healthy growth is a choice. When you help others grow, you grow… and growing people fuel growing organizations.

This proprietary healthy growth process is based on experience with executive clients since 1999. It is aligned with the unique needs of today’s worker and the requirements for today’s leader. This process predictably yields healthy growth for you, your employees, and your business.

Leadership is a force multiplier when it comes to the healthy growth. The leader sets the vision, expectations, encouragement, and most importantly, the example for the five growth factors. The result is healthy growth for all those involved – from the breakroom to the board room.

The bottom line:  Healthy Leadership x 5 Growth Factors = Healthy Growth

Take this free, 3-minute Healthy Growth check-up to identify your best starting point.

Growing a healthy business is hard work, but you don’t have to do it alone. We focus on the mindset and skillset for leading healthy growth 24/7.  

Your growth is our passion. We are here to help.