The tornado that tore through Moore, Oklahoma killed 24 people, injured at least 377 and left about 33,000 residents with less than adequate or no shelter at all – that’s 60% of the city’s total population.

So, how is it that only 29 people were in Red Cross shelters two days after the tornado hit?

You read it right. Only 29 out of the 33,000 displaced residents had to turn to a Red Cross shelter two days after the tornado hit.

The answer is in the connections this community has built. The city of Moore lists 82 churches for its 55,000 residents. These churches mobilized to give food and shelter to the homeless in addition to providing a full range of hands-on services from first responders to clean up. These churches are the hub of social and spiritual connection in Moore.

At work, teams that create similarly strong connections predictably see heroic efforts to support fellow team members. Creating connections is one of the adherence accelerators for igniting passion, the third component in the adherence equation:

Read Stick with It for practical ways to create connections. These connections yield discretionary effort by team members during the calm of the day-to-day and also in the midst of upheaval.

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