Your scoreboard doesn’t have to be a lackluster summary of your monthly business report showing key measures. It’s a chance to be creative and visual with your team. Use your scoreboard to tell a clear and compelling story in as few words and numbers as possible. Consider some of these scoreboard formats:

  • Visual thermometer with a rising mercury line to show progress.
  • Traffic light (red, yellow, and green indicators to show if you are off-plan, slightly off-plan, or on-plan, respectively).
  • A jar of jellybeans to illustrate percentage of completion.
  • Emoticons or visual indicators, such as thumbs up/thumbs down, next to each goal. These emoticons work great for movie reviews and Facebook, so why not use them to help your team quickly see the score?
  • A picture of an actual scoreboard to keep track of number of calls made, new customers, shipments, invoices processed, response time, customer com- plaints, new hires, or whichever metrics are most important to your team.

Keeping your scoreboard updated is critical. Your scoreboard must be current to be compelling and be seen as a valid reflection of performance. Understanding what is happening on your team empowers you to adjust continually, enhance accountability, and boost results.

Next week, we will address how inspiring coaches and organizations like Spotify bring their scoreboards to life.


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