Inspiring coaches go for quantity, not quality, of ideas to build a culture of innovation and ownership. They make ideas—lots of them—part of everyone’s job. They use clarifying questions to determine if and how to best implement the ideas.

Ask your team for the kinds of ideas you need. You may have a focus area for that week, month, or quarter. A good place to start is with the eight areas of waste.

They spell TIM WOODS:

Transport—Moving people, products, and information

Inventory—Storing parts, pieces, and documentation ahead of requirements

Motion—Bending, turning, reaching, lifting

Waiting—For parts, information, instructions, equipment

Overproduction—Making more than is immediately required

Over-processing—Tighter tolerances or higher- grade materials than are needed

Defects—Rework, scrap, incorrect/incomplete information

Skills—Underutilizing capabilities, delegating tasks with inadequate training

Involve your team in addressing these areas of waste and other opportunities for improvement to enlist their ownership in the solution.

One of our long-standing clients, Jeff Jensen, manages a portfolio of successful companies. Jeff has shared a favorite quote from his late father, Ron Jensen, who was an innovative and inspiring leader. He liked to say, “The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement.”

This metaphorical room for improvement can be your business, your team’s processes, your team’s skills, and most importantly, your own leadership.