This week, I attended the celebration of a life-well lived for S.C. Inman III.  S.C. was my mentor, my favorite boss ever and a great friend.  He loved family, fun and Vegas, and was one of the rare individuals we connect with in life who will stay with you forever. 

S.C. always knew how to make anything better whether it was a business deal, an initiative or a person. When I would take my very best thinking and strategy to S.C., he would always make it much better.  With a pen and pad in hand, he was always ready to capture a brilliant thought.

He used his gifts to create partnerships which raised millions of dollars for the American Heart Association, the local hospital in Galveston and many other charities and individuals.  All these efforts improved the health and wellbeing others. 

S.C. never sought the spotlight and worked through others, improving people and places in the process.

His humble service reminded me to make things better every day.  A small improvement leads to big improvements over time.  Baby steps pay off!

This weekend take a step to making things better in your world.  I will do the same to honor my friend, S.C..