Your personal and your team’s wellbeing are a priority if you want to lead a healthy business.

Amongst the flurry of suggestions, we have cut through the clutter to offer these 4 M’s of wellbeing with actionable steps for each.

Meaningful engagement

  • Stay connected. We are wired to belong.  Find your community (even if virtual): neighborhood, church, work-out, book club, volunteer, professional association, etc.
  • Build your B.E.S.T. team:  Buddies who Encourage Success and Truth
  • Help others. Performing acts of kindness increases your happiness level. The more acts you perform in a day, the happier you are. Be kind today!


  • Get 30 – 60 minutes of movement 5 days/week.
  • 5 times a day take a 5-minute brain break. Walk away from your workspace, take deep breaths and let your mind wander. Do not think of anything specifically.


  • Eat well. As part of a balanced diet eat whole foods and foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids.
  • Sleep. Get enough sleep (average of 7.5 hours for most people). Sleep is when the body and mind are replenished.
  • Meditate, pray and relax. These activities grow the frontal area of the brain.  Find a practice that works for you and incorporate it into your daily routine.
  • Savor. Attend to and appreciate feelings that emerge from positive events in your life.  Choose to be fully present.


  • Seek novelty. Humans are novelty-seeking so seek new experiences to grow your brain. Be curious!
  • Explore hobbies. Express yourself by using your natural gifts and/or learning something new.