Last week, I shared the account of a high school student’s suicide and a local professor’s compelling and practical message to her classmates.

The next day, I received a note from a gifted photographer and friend, Tom Fox.

Tom’s images and words are featured in The Nature of Excellence gift book that has inspired many thousands worldwide.

With Tom’s permission, his note appears below…

Dear Lee,

I just re-read your inspirational survival story which I’ve saved.

I’ve been making some prints recently and have attached a new Smoky Mountain image “A Family of Trees” which reminded me of your story.

I got to thinking – I don’t know if all these trees are still standing. If just one tree were fallen or missing it would change the composition significantly. 

In the same way, in our “family of friends” if just one friend or family member is missing or fallen it changes the “composition” significantly.

My quote for the image is “Trees are like people and often prefer the company of others . . . only a few prefer to stand alone”.

Your friend,