I love a good quotation as much as anyone. I remember a classic quote from way back when I was a kid (I’m still a kid at heart, even if not in years). The quote was “Winners never quit and quitters never win.”

We’ve all heard that one and may have even tried to live by it. Maybe you have even passed it onto your kids like many of our parents did to us.

Well, the truth is quite the opposite – winners always quit! Today’s winners quit every day. They even quit what we typically consider to be some pretty good habits like:

  • Getting Comfortable
  • Analyzing Problems
  • Managing Time
  • Showing Interest
  • Striving for Success

These all sound pretty good, right? But what you are doing today may keep you from winning tomorrow. Winners quit these pretty good habits and replace them with really great ones.

Instead of looking for what we should start doing to be more successful, one of the most important questions we must ask ourselves is, “What should I QUIT doing?

We keep hearing that little voice in our heads telling us “Winners never quit!” Unfortunately, that little voice does not always tell us what we really need to hear.

To win in today’s challenging marketplace, take advice from my new book, Winners Always Quit. Now is the time to trade in some pretty good habits for really great results! I have written this new book with my good friend, mentor and bestselling author, David Cottrell.

Check out the Free tools and a quick self-assessment to help you keep quitting… and keep winning!

The rapid-read book, Winners Always Quit, reveals seven pretty good habits you can swap for really great results.

  • Quit Taking a Ride . . . and Take the Wheel
  • Quit Getting Comfortable . . . and Explore the Edge
  • Quit Analyzing . . . and Follow Your Intuition
  • Quit Managing Your Time . . . and Manage Your Attention
  • Quit Showing Interest . . . and Commit
  • Quit Moving . . . and Be Still
  • Quit Striving for Success . . . and Seek Significance

Learn how to quit today so you can win tomorrow!

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