Healthy leaders deeply value their values. They live and lead by their values.

Three values are the hallmark of healthy leaders and demonstrate that they are in service to others:  integrity, humility, and compassion.

This week, we will highlight humility.

Humility, in the words of C.S. Lewis, “is not thinking less of yourself but thinking of yourself less.” Healthy leadership, in any venue, is about other people… not you. 

Humility is expressed through your actions, not your words. Today’s culture has perfected the art of the humble brag, but healthy leaders genuinely understand and appreciate that success is never achieved alone and that many others contribute along the way.  

It’s normal to feel proud of a personal accomplishment, but humble leaders take more pride in their team’s accomplishments. Pride can turn into a slippery slope of egotism and arrogance, and ego is biggest leadership derailer. Healthy leadership requires courage to conquer the outside forces (peer pressure) and humility to conquer our inside forces (pride).

Humility is also the seed of continuous learning and growth. Humble leaders listen and learn more than they talk and tell, they question assumptions more than assert them, they push beyond their comfort zone more than seek comfort.

Ask yourself these questions to help convert humility into action:

  • When my team succeeds, do I automatically give them full credit when I tell others about the success?
  • What is one small step I can take today to refocus my efforts on others rather than myself?

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