Last week, we discussed Integrity as one of three common values held by inspiring coaches.  Now, we will address the remaining two values: Humility and Caring


Coaching, in any venue, is about other people . . .  not  us.  It’s  normal  to  feel  proud  of  personal accomplishments, but inspiring coaches take more pride in their team’s accomplishments than their own. Staying humble enables you to use your coaching platform to take a stand and conquer much more as a team than you could alone.

True humility is expressed in your actions, not your words. You cannot afford to be like the guy who was voted most humble leader of a nationwide, professional association of leaders in the workforce. The association presented him with a medal that said, “Most Humble Leader in America.” Then the association took it away from him at their next meeting because he wore the medal! Personal pride can turn into a slippery slope of egotism and arrogance.

Build the courage to conquer the outside forces and the humility to conquer your inside forces.


The value of caring is expressed as a genuine interest in others. Inspiring coaches ask questions to get to know the person behind the employee. They do so not because they think they should, but because they really want to know their people and encourage them to be the best they can be. This deep caring is born out of the sense of purpose to serve others that these coaches feel.

Caring also means paying attention—picking up on little signs, changes, moods, expressions and other cues— to gain a more complete picture of the employee. Coaches who notice the little things can better help employees address root causes of challenges, rather than just symptoms.

Genuinely caring for your team also helps you manage your reactions because you are concerned about the other parties. We will address that topic in the next chapter.

What kind of coach do you want to be for your team?

As you select or reaffirm your values, assess how well you are living these three common coaching values: integrity, humility, and caring.


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