Think of the times you’ve gone shopping or to a restaurant and dealt with people who were visibly happy to be in their jobs-and to have the opportunity to serve you.

Their words were straight from their hearts, rather than a script.  They probably surprised you with the extra effort and thoughtfulness in satisfying your needs, answering your questions or offering suggestions. Plus, they actually seemed delighted to do it!

How did you feel when you left these businesses?

Did you buy more and did you spend more time than you initially planned? Are you likely to return? Have you recommended these businesses to friends?

Research suggests that the answer is a resounding “Yes”.   This begins a value chain that started with employees who were actively engaged in their work.

If you Google “engaged employees” today you’ll get about 259 million hits including many examples are of companies where employees are actively engaged. Interestingly, they are the same companies known for superior service.

The philosophy of these companies centers on the idea that if employees are happy, they’ll be engaged, they’ll deliver Passionate Performance, and their customers will be happy too. In other words, they understand the customer value chain.

Some people are naturally engaged in their work. They are energized and positive, and they consistently deliver Passionate Performance. Even those who are not as energized or passionate can be led to deliver Passionate PerformanceAlthough employees deliver the service, leaders are the first link in the customer value chain.

Engaging leaders invest their time and energy into their teams because they know that engaged employees are more likely to:

  • Stay with the organization.
  • Perform at high levels.
  • Influence others to perform well.
  • Promote the organization externally.
  • Deliver unparalleled customer service.

Engaging leaders ignite a fully engaged worker. Fully engaged workers create loyal customers. We know that gaining additional business from an existing customer is five times less expensive than acquiring a new customer.

A loyal customer base is the big payoff for any business. It creates higher profit margins and better returns for shareholders. There are no shortcuts in the customer value chain. We can’t just hope for more loyal customers. We can’t just hire engaged employees and stop there; hiring effectively is necessary but is not sufficient to build an engaged team.

With enough time and resources, your competitors might be able to replicate your products, distribution channels, and technology. However, they will not be able to easily duplicate a passionately performing team.

Passionate Performance creates a rock-solid wall of differentiation between you and the rest of the pack… and that’s the BIG payoff.

Whether we are riding the wave of a strong economy or struggling through a currently weak economy, your success is built on how you differentiate yourself.

No doubt your competitors are making moves right now. What’s your next move?

Get the BIG Payoff Today!

Passionate Performance has helped tens of thousands of leadership worldwide engage the hearts and minds of their teams… and it can help you!