What is a gift?

My family has a long tradition of thoughtful gift giving dating back to my Grandma Minnie. With legs too thin to hold up panty hose (she had to put rubber bands at the top to hold them up),

Grandma Minnie would go out and personally Christmas shop for her eight children and their families (including 20 grandchildren). She would hand pick items for each person. She was so generous in love, time, effort and gifts.  My parents carried on the tradition of demonstrating love for their family through thoughtful gift giving and many other ways.

Like the true gift of Christmas, families continue to share their love with every action.

A gift can be a gesture, your time, a simple note, a poem, a song, a new experience or a tangible present:





To whom can you give a GIFT today?

I will be thinking of my parents and Grandma Minnie while treasuring every second with my family as we share the gift of Christmas together.

Wishing you and your families the same!