As I reflected on the life of our family dog, Sparky, I was struck by his gold standard of reliability.

Before Sparky went to doggy Heaven, he greeted me at home every time I walked in the door for 14 years. To put that into perspective, that’s 20,000+ times without failure! The same greeting, the same panting with excitement, the same wagging tail. He was as reliable as, well, a dog.

So, it made me think about my own human reliability:

  • Am I there for people I serve every time they need me… without failure?
  • When I listen to someone share a concern or need, do I really hear her/her?
  • When I look at someone, do I really see them?
  • When I say something, do I follow through with action?
  • When I start something, do I finish it?

These are questions for each of us to ponder as we strive to be as reliable as our canine companions.


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