I love facial tattoos! In fact, I wish everyone had a great big one. No, I am not talking about going to the local parlor and getting your face all inked up.

However, the tattoo I am referring to makes just as big of an impression on those around you.

Facial tattoos come in all varieties. Is your face tattooed with a great big smile, a permanent frown, a furrowed brow or a dead pan expression?

Whatever it is, your choice of “facial tattoo” is the most important statement you make. It sends a thousand messages to those around you.

For example, a smile tattooed on your face says, “I am happy to serve you”, “I am happy to be here”, “I like you” and “I like myself”. A deadpan tattoo says “Don’t mess with me”, “You can’t crack me” and “I don’t feel anything”.

The great news is that we have complete control of these messages. Every day we wake up, we can choose our own facial tattoos. And waking up in itself should be enough reason to tattoo a smile on your face.

Our actions trigger our emotions, so don’t wait to start feeling spectacular before you burst into a spectacular smile.

So, what’s tattooed on your face right now?


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