I love a good quotation as much as anyone. In fact, I remember a classic from way back when I was a kid … “Winners never quit and quitters never win.” Boy, my dad drilled that phrase into my head! We’ve all heard that one and may have even passed it onto our kids like our parents did to us.

But everything changes ….

Today, the truth is that winners ALWAYS quit! Real winners even quit what we consider to be pretty good habits like analyzing problems, managing time and striving for success.

Particularly in today’s economy, instead of asking yourself, “What should I start doing?” the better question to ask is, “What should I QUIT?” But we keep hearing that little voice in our heads telling us “winners never quit and quitters never win.” Unfortunately, that little voice does not always tell us what we really need to hear because to most of us, quitting feels like failure, like the big “L” for Loser!

When it comes to quitting, it’s important to distinguish between quitting a strategy and quitting your goal. In order to achieve our goal we often have to quit lots of strategies and approaches to find the right formula for success. We have to play Dr. Phil and ask ourselves, “So, how’s that workin’ for ya?” In reality, quitting is not negative, and it’s certainly not for sissies. It’s often the best thing we can do.

I have a quick confession. My first book is titled, Sticking to It! Well, it took me 10 books and 6 years to finally get comfortable talking about quitting. I had to overcome my own assumptions about what quitting meant. So, my latest book with best-selling author, David Cottrell, is titled Winners ALWAYS Quit. It is written to help you swap some pretty good habits for really great ones. For example:

  • Quit Taking a Ride … and Take the Wheel
  • Quit Analyzing … and Follow Your Intuition
  • Quit Managing Your Time … and Manage Your Attention
  • Quit Moving … and Be Still
  • Quit Striving for Success … and Seek Significance

Check out sample pages here and never quit quitting!