Healthy leaders deeply value their values. They live and lead by their values.

Three values are the hallmark of healthy leaders and demonstrate that they are in service to others:  integrity, humility, and compassion.

Last week, we discussed inside-out leadership, and this week we will highlight the first of three values of healthy leaders: integrity.

Integrity is defined as your public brand being the same as your private brand.  Are you the same person on and off the job? Are your thoughts, words and actions aligned? As our friend and mentor, David Cottrell, says integrity is never being ashamed of your own reflection.  A great acid test question is, “Would your mom be proud?”

Without integrity, no one follows you, and without followers you are not really leading. Healthy leaders only ask others to do what they are willing to do (or better yet, what they have already done).  Before you expect the best from others, you must be getting the best from yourself.

Integrity is expressed when your words and actions align, so healthy leaders have a good Say / Do ratio. They do a high percentage of what they say because they view their words as a personal promise to others. As a result, they are also discerning about what they say knowing they will be personally committed to following it up with action.

Ask yourself these questions to help convert integrity into action:

  • What’s my Say/Do ratio? 
  • Have I clearly expressed my values to others to help keep me accountable to those values?

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