Just last week, a client who runs a rapidly growing enterprise sent me this photo.  I had recently re-engaged with them since my initial work with them a few years ago.  He wrote, “I got this fortune cookie while you were working with us in 2013.”

He shared his fortune with me because that is my mantra: Stick with it.  I know that a good plan gets you in the race, but sticking with it propels you into the winner’s circle.

Hmm.  So, was this cause and effect or coincidence?  I’d like to take credit, but this client is a visionary CEO who knows how to stick to his plans, so I just consider myself in good company.

From our firm’s experiences helping clients create solid plans, but more importantly, execute with excellence, we have compiled some resources to help you stick with it… and WIN!

Remember, sticking with it brings good fortune.