I have the best older sister in the world. Donna was always (and still is!) maternal and caring even though we are only 3 years apart and much older than we were in the above photo.

Like several of our relatives, Donna dedicated herself to the field of education, and more accurately, to the people she educated and served as a teacher and an administrator. Additionally, she was considered a leader nationally as a world-class student activities advisor.

During a closet clean-out day, Donna found an old letter I had written her. I was in my first semester in college at Florida State University. Donna, always the overachiever, finished college in three years and was starting her career in a local high school where we grew up in Fort Lauderdale…

After reading the letter myself, I learned two things about myself. First, at least half of my body weight must have been comprised of hubris! Are you kidding me? I was telling my older sister how to do her job! I must have been drawing upon all my years of experience mowing lawns. And by the way, this letter went on for two pages. Of course, my sweet sister took my note with grace, never mentioning that she had been preparing for this job her entire life.

I also learned that I have been a lifelong coach, but I am now more discerning to offer advice only when people ask for it. In 1999, my wife Julie and I combined our love of people, business, and leadership with our desire to serve. We co-founded a leadership advisory firm, which is as much a personal calling as it is a business.

We have a deep passion for our work, compassion for people, and a personal commitment to encourage and equip leaders. Our partnership with clients has produced clarifying models and actionable tools for healthy growth, and we look forward to sharing them with you (only if you ask).