Life happens to all of us.  Sometimes it is filled with joyful, amazing experiences. Sometimes it can be trying with health, financial, work or relationship challenges.  Our future can be brighter if we intentionally look for the lessons and learnings from our trials and reframe our memories.

You can work on creating inspiring memories out of challenging events. Recalling these events can be inspiring versus emotionally draining.  If you are reading this, you are alive.  You have a bright future. You were made miraculously and for a unique purpose.

So here are four tips for reframing challenging situations from your past:

  1. Write three of your most challenging situations to date. (If they involve trauma, abuse or other very serious conditions, additional steps are needed to continue the healing).
  2. Write three positive things you learned from or that occurred because of each of these challenging situations.
  3. Write five things that you are grateful for today.
  4. Review your lists from #2 and #3 above each morning for 21 days.

These steps will help you begin to reframe the past.  As new challenges arise, intentionally look for learnings and growth opportunities from them.  Let your challenges refine you, but not define you.

By re-framing the past, you are framing a better future!

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