Adversity is not reserved for day-time soap operas. Even the most fortunate of us has experienced adversity of some type: loss of job, health problems, failed relationships, disappointments at work, financial difficulties, death of loved ones, etc.

We intentionally used the word move since adversity has an uncanny knack of paralyzing us. If we do not move through it, we will be stalled in the grip of adversity. Here are three specific actions to help you move through adversity.

1. Take inventory. When we are dealt a loss, we tend to think all is lost. Identify what is lost or changed and what is not. Then, express your gratitude for what still remains. An attitude of gratitude creates happier, more resilient people. In fact, more and more studies are showing that gratitude is the most common characteristic amongst the happiest people.

2. Convert turning points into learning points. Use your adversity as a time to pinpoint opportunities to improve, learn, grow, rebuild or test your own character or faith.

3. Plan for the future, but live for the present. Don’t obsess about yesterday and don’t be seduced by the promise that tomorrow all will be better. Our favorite poem says it best:

Yesterday is history,

Tomorrow is a mystery,

Today is a gift,

That’s why we call it the Present.

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