I have something to say to you,
If you lead with love, you will love to lead.
When you make people feel seen and heard,
They will engage and perform – guaranteed!

Your perspective is your choice,
So, look for the positive in all you see.
Treat yourself like your own best friend,
So you show up as the best you can be.

Change is inevitable, and growth is a choice.
Listen, observe, ask, stretch, and read.
Nurture your childlike curiosity,
To grow stronger and wiser from that seed.

Ambiguity paralyzes, but clarity inspires action,
So specifically define expectations and values.
Answer the 3 W’s: What, Who, and When?
Take this approach to align your views.

Build ties between work and human needs.
We all seek purpose, belonging, and appreciation.
When we find them at home and at work.
They predictably spark our inspiration.

A healthy coach unlocks the potential in others.
Look for natural gifts to help them grow.
Then ask them purposeful questions.
To understand the person and what they know.

I have something to say to you, and you have something to say to me.
We each want more than to just survive.
So, let’s listen and learn from each other,
It’s the best way for us to thrive!

Healthy Leadership Book