The strength of our relationships is perhaps the greatest measure of the quality of our lives. It is also a key predictor of our sense of internal joy and contentment. Our relationships should be the place where we act our best and give our best. Strong relationships are built on two-way streets – they must be mutually beneficial. Each person must bring something of value. Otherwise, relationships will not endure.

There are many ways to stay connected including professional and personal interest groups. These groups are important, but a few strong bonds play a pivotal role in staying connected and orchestrating your actions.

An excellent way to stay connected is to build your own B.E.S.T. team–Buddies who Encourage Success and Truth.

Take some time to review your life and think of people who have made a difference for you and for whom you have made a difference.

Choose wisely those you want on your team. Ensure they offer the energy, truth and positive perspective you need to orchestrate your actions. There is no better test than time when it comes to relationships, so start small and build your B.E.S.T. team slowly. The key is to connect with your B.E.S.T. team, individually or as a group, on a consistent basis.

Depending on the relationship, we can play the role of teacher and/or student. In either role, we all need people who will support our success. Your B.E.S.T. team can help you:

  • Hone your self-awareness. Depend on your team to give you truthful, constructive feedback to keep beliefs based in reality.
  • Affirm that your thoughts, words and actions are aligned with your goals.
  • By giving you a chance to help them. As the Proverb says, “In teaching others, we teach ourselves.”
  • Combat negative input you might be receiving.
  • Rehearse challenging situations before you have a live performance.

Your B.E.S.T. team is a personal and powerful way to ensure you are staying connected and orchestrating your actions.

To get the best from others, give the best of yourself.

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