Here are five truths about growth that we have identified during our many years of work: 

Change is inevitable, but growth is a choice. Change is omnipresent, but if we resist it, we may not grow from it. Real and sustained growth happens when we choose it.

What gets watered grows. When we reinforce ourselves or others for a certain behavior, that behavior will be performed more frequently. Since reinforcement feels good, we do more of what feels good.

Growth almost always occurs when we are uncomfortable. Even if we initiate growth phases ourselves, growth by its nature pushes our thoughts, words, and/or actions into new, uncharted territory, which means we must confront uncertainty. Those who are growth-oriented learn to embrace discomfort.

When we help others grow, we grow. Just as when we teach, we learn, when we cultivate growth in others, we also plant seeds of growth within ourselves. It creates a virtuous cycle. We also tend to feel great satisfaction and fulfillment from helping others grow.

Growth opportunities are limitless. Growth is not a finite entity like a plot of land with limited square footage. There is always more room to grow. Our mindset will either reveal or hide growth opportunities for us.

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