We love to hear how our book, Stick with It, applies to your life and appreciate you sharing your stories with us.We have heard from leaders of business, churches, communities, schools and families. Here is one special letter we received from a very talented musician, Dan Rixon.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Colan,

Let me start out by offering a big thank you for writing, “Stick with it”!  My friend and mentor, Brenda Hall, recommended it to me, and I am glad she did. I am a musician in Austin, Texas in the process of building my dream.   

It is my vision to take our group of world class musicians and eventually convert the operation to an Entertainment Company that competes in the international marketplace.I was truly amazed at the versatility of the principles outlined in the book.  Each page seemed to be talking directly to me about the actions I must take. 

I now fully understand the capacity to which I must lead. You have energized my spirit and I wanted to take the time to thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Yours truly,

Dan Rixon

We were not only inspired by Dan’s words, but we also LOVED his music!  Thank you, Dan and Brenda.

Treat yourself and listen to When Morning Comes, the title track of his new album.   We hope it inspires your weekend!