Stick with It: Mastering the Art of Adherence workshop

Stick with it

Business Challenge

The game is won by those who EXECUTE their strategies.

Challenges for today’s leaders are always changing, but the formula for winning remains the same. The key to winning the game is focusing on “how” more than “what”. In other words, strategy gets you in the game – execution gets you in the winner’s circle.

This fast-paced, interactive workshop reveals the secret formula for winning with any strategy:


Target Audience

Leaders at every level.

Learning Objectives

Put the concepts from this bestselling book to work in your organization. This workshop cuts through the clutter to help your teams consistently execute their plans. After taking the Adherence Assessment, leaders will learn how to:

  • Apply the Yellow Car Phenomenon to sharpen  focus.
  • Use their B.E.S.T. team to build competence.
  • Increase the 3:1 ratio with acts of appreciation to ignite team passion.
  • Keep score with compelling, relevant scoreboards to build competence.
  • Boost accountability with specific expectations, language, consequences and coaching.
  • Create connections using team rituals.


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Client Impact

Stick with It will work in any company because Colan’s strategies are grounded in real organizations and in the reality of human nature – not the theoretical. His passion for ‘keeping it simple’ gives leaders confidence they can successfully create positive change.

Joseph A. Bosch
EVP and Chief Human Resources Officer

This concise kit gives us what we really need – not another formula for success, but important insights into the application of simple, time-honored principles that yield proven results. Stick with It provides a blueprint for successful execution.

Scott Topping
Hawaiian Airlines

Stick with It is being applied by leading organizations including corporations, government agencies, hospitals, banks, churches, school and military:

Abbot Laboratories ♦ ABF Freight ♦ Amcor PET Packaging ♦ Affinity Health Systems ♦ AFLAC ♦ Alamo Forest Products ♦ Allstate Insurance ♦ American Electric Power ♦ Ameritas Insurance ♦ Bank of America ♦ Bayer Corporate Sciences ♦ Baylor Health Care ♦ Berkshire Financial ♦ Blockbuster ♦ Blue Cross Blue Shield ♦ Bristol-Myers Squibb ♦ Broward County (FL) Schools ♦ Burlington Resources ♦ Cardinal Health ♦ CHASE Home Finance ♦ Chili’s ♦ Chuck E. Cheese ♦ Citizens Bank & Trust ♦ Clorox Company ♦ Compass Bank ♦ Coors Brewing ♦ Crosstex Energy Services ♦ Diners Choice ♦ Dollar General ♦ Doubletree Hotels ♦ Dow Chemical ♦ Dreamworks ♦ Duracell ♦ E*Trade Financial ♦ Enterpise Rent-a-Car ♦ Essroc Cement ♦ Federated Insurance ♦ FedEx ♦ Gadzooks ♦ Glaxo Smith-Kline ♦ Guaranty Bank ♦ Hewlett Packard ♦ International Paper Company ♦ IRS ♦ Jo-Ann Stores ♦ John McStay Investment Counsel ♦ Lifeway Christian Resources ♦ MAPEI ♦ Mary Kay ♦ McDonalds Corp. ♦ Meijer ♦ Memorial Health ♦ Methodist Medical Center ♦ Mr. Gasket ♦ MTV Networks ♦ Nationwide Financial ♦ Nebraska Central Railroad ♦ Nestle ♦ Nordstrom ♦ Omaha Steaks ♦ PacifiCorp. ♦ Palm Harbor Homes ♦ Panasonic ♦ Pegasus Solutions ♦ Pepsi Bottling Ventures ♦ Pfizer ♦ Pizza Hut ♦ Prestonwood Christian Academy ♦ Proctor & Gamble ♦ Progressive Insurance ♦ Prudential Financial ♦ Qwest ♦ Rite Aid ♦ Rockwell Automation ♦ Rubbermaid ♦ Sagamore Health Network ♦ Sam’s Club ♦ Social Security Administration ♦ State Farm Insurance ♦ TD Industries ♦ The Container Store ♦ Time Life ♦ Trammel Crow ♦ Trane Company ♦ Trinity Industries ♦ U.S. Army Corp of Engineers ♦ U.S. Postal Service ♦ U.S. Small Business Administration ♦ Wachovia Bank ♦ Wal-Mart ♦ Wells Fargo ♦ Weyerhauser ♦ Yum! Brands