Healthy Leadership workshop

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Business Challenge

Healthy leadership addresses human needs—it’s personal. This new approach to leadership is comprised of three principles and three practices that are no longer just nice to do in today’s new world of work.

Healthy leadership is like a cultural magnet that attracts people to your team and the cultural glue that makes them want to stay.

If today’s workers don’t see healthy leadership, they will look for it elsewhere.

Healthy leadership is not about the leader, but it starts with the leader. It’s about the people you serve. As a leader, when you help others grow, you grow—and growing people fuel growing, healthy organizations.


Principles (mindset)

Love: Do what is in the best interest o1f others.

  • Put the team before me.
  • Be human. See the human.
  • Respect people and perspectives.

Positivity: Manage negative emotions and increase positive ones.

  • Manage your mind.
  • Talk yourself up.
  • Encourage others.

Growth:  Seek new insights, knowledge, and skills.

  • Become an expert on you.
  • Cultivate curiosity.
  • Learn from adversity.

Practices (skillset)

Clarify:  Crystalize a desired future and motivation to get there.

  • Clarify vision to inspire action.
  • Clarify values to build a guide behavior and decisions.
  • Clarify expectations to execute with excellence.

Connect:  Build ties between work and human needs.

  • Connect to meaning to fulfill the need for purpose.
  • Connect to team to fulfill the need for belonging.
  • Connect to contributions to fulfill the need for appreciation.

Coach:  Unlock the potential in others.

  • Coach on strengths to achieve mastery.
  • Coach with questions to facilitate engagement.
  • Coach toward autonomy to inspire ownership.

Target Audience

Leaders at every level.

Learning Objectives

Put the concepts from Healthy Leadership to work in your organization. This workshop cuts through the clutter to help your leaders apply the principles and practices that will make your organization a great place to work and grow!

Workshop participants will learn how to:

  • Bring to life the principle of love in the workplace.
  • Manage their negative emotions and increase positive emotions for their teams.
  • Implement the five strategies to cultivate curiosity so you and your team can keep growing and innovating.
  • Answer the fundamental four questions to clarify your team’s vision.
  • Coach toward autonomy to inspire ownership behavior.


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Client Impact

Healthy Leadership is like Google maps for today’s leader.  It’s a trusted guide for leading in a new world of work. The starting point is where you are today. The destination is a win for everyone involved – the leader, the team, and the business.

Daniel L. Jones
Chairman & CEO
Encore Wire

Lee and Julie’s insights are always so valuable due to extensive research and work with companies of all sizes.  Applying the concepts and tools from Healthy Leadership will help your company cement a healthy culture that will make your team members stay and thrive.

Valerie Freeman
Imprimis Group, Inc.

The world of work has clearly changed. This excellent book is a practical guide for leaders who want to thrive in this new world, to be a positive force for good. Healthy leadership will change your business!

Frank Dulcich
Chairman & CEO
Pacific Seafood Group

In Healthy Leadership, Lee and Julie share many of their previous learnings providing clarity on how those apply in our current business environment. They emphasize how healthy leadership is about healthy relationships with everyone we interact with in life. We must invest in our relationships and should celebrate them along the way. Well worth investing your time reading their new book! There are many concepts for you to apply in your daily life.

Bill Dyer
Standard Nutrition

Lee and Julie are dynamic and visionary thought leaders. More importantly, they have hearts for helping others succeed and making meaningful contributions while leading significant lives. Their new book, Healthy Leadership, creates a real synergy with people, the organizations they choose to work for, and then decide to stay and grow with.

Denis G. Simon
Senior Executive Vice President
Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

In applying the concept of health to leadership, Lee and Julie provide a simple but highly effective framework to achieve long-term sustainable growth for businesses, employees, and communities. Healthy Leadership provides a powerful reminder to the enduring power of love, positivity, growth, clarity, connection and coaching.

Raanan Horowitz
President and CEO
Elbit America

Healthy leadership is the most deliberate and practical book I have read on the contemporary requirements for being an impactful leader. It will help leaders and organizations grow and compete in the future. The authors are well positioned through experience and research to provide the required insight into the current and future leadership challenges. Most writings on this subject are long and theoretical, but this book is concise and gets right to the point on how to be a healthy leader.

If you do not know what good looks like anything looks good. Lee and Julie know what good looks like. This book puts it in easily understandable terms, relevant to the future, and most importantly, provides actionable tools. A real must read!”

Dave Loeser

Healthy Leadership is a timely guide that equips leaders need to elevate others. That starts with healthy principles that fulfill the needs of today’s worker and practices that engage and encourage people. This outstanding book provides leaders with the practical tools to transform themselves, their teams, and their organizations.

Paul R. Hays
Med-Pharmex, Inc.

In a world where distancing has become the norm, Healthy Leadership brings back the importance of human connection to drive successful leadership. It’s a practical guide that equips leaders with the emotional skills to engage, encourage, and motivate their teams. Positive business results ring hollow without personal growth.

I really appreciate the authors’ humble, genuine coaching style. “Healthy Leadership” is a wonderful addition to my collection of the Colan’s practical books.

Thomas Vanderheyden
Vice President
Global Sales Advanced Energy Industries, Inc.

Healthy Leadership and our other proprietary leadership models are being applied by leading organizations including corporations, government agencies, hospitals, banks, churches, school and military:

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