Please Listen Up, Parents

by Cameron Colan, Grace Colan and Lexi Colan

Something is missing in all the talk about parenting: a kid’s perspective!

Kids have different perspectives than parents about a lot of things that affect your family, but they don’t always have the chance to share them.

So, from the mouths of babes this book reveals 12 secrets parents need to know along with disarmingly wise insights from these three young siblings.

If your kids could share 12 simple secrets with their parents, they would be:

  1. Keep Things in Perspective
  2. Accept Us
  3. Be Real
  4. Talk with Us
  5. Create Connections
  6. Be Consistent
  7. Expect the Best
  8. Encourage Us
  9. Spread Gratitude
  10. Take Care of Yourself
  11. Be Present
  12. Live What You Teach

Listen to your kids and apply these insights to build a stronger team on the home front.

Please Listen Up, Parents is written by kids for parents and leaders. It has dual application to the work front and the home front.

Elevate your leadership and your parenting by applying this simple wisdom from the mouths of babes found in this rapid-read book designed for today’s busy parent/leader a home.




“Parenting is the most rewarding and humbling experience in life. This book is a wonderful instruction manual for parents of kids of all ages. Enjoy their wisdom and apply their practical insights to help your family grow. Read and listen up!”

David Cottrell, Father and best-selling author of Monday Morning Leadership

“Listen Up has just escalated to the top of my list as my #1 gift I’ll give to expectant and seasoned parents, and maybe to a parent and child together. After all, this book can be that magical conversation-starter when a parent or teen is trying to open up and have a meaningful conversation.”

Colleen Townsley Brinkmann, CFRE

Chief Philanthropy Officer N. Texas Food Bank

“Scripture reminds us to be ‘quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry.’ As parents, here’s our opportunity to listen up! The Colan kids offer us sound advice from the children’s perspective. Using Biblical wisdom and practical examples this book offers every parent fresh new insights in understanding and raising their kids to be all God created them to be.

Karol Ladd

Author of The Power of a Positive Mom

“OHMYGOSH! I LOVE THIS BOOK! What an ingenious idea – intriguing enough to get me to open it up BUT the advice, the quotes, the action steps were all so amazing! I only wish the Colan kids had written this 15 years ago before my kids were grown! I could have used their advice! Real advice from real kids that makes real sense! A must-read for all parents and want-to-be parents! Will surely be on the best-sellers list for years to come!

Robin Corbin

Independent Consultant/Executive Regional

Vice President, Arbonne International

“The Colan kids have done a great job of capturing some important life lessons in 12 easy to understand principles (even for adults. This short book makes it easy to put the concepts into practice. The “Ideas for Action” sections help parents build their relationship with children of any age. Well done!”

David Reed

Customer Centered Consulting Group

Author, A Culture of Service

“What a thoughtful and eye-opening book! I have three grown children and would have loved to read this book 20 years ago, yet the material remains timeless! It’s important for parents to recognize that perception is everything and though parents act with the best of intentions, those intentions may not always be seen that way. We need to stop and take a closer look at how our children think and perceive the messages we are sending. There’s a lot to learn about human interaction in this book that extends beyond the parent-child relationship!

Sharon Goldstein

Campus Operating Officer, Berkeley College


“As a Mom of 3 kiddos I find this read intentional, insightful and inspiring. The candidness and practicality from these young authors make it not just a one-time read, but an ongoing resource for family life.

Rhonda France, RHIA

Vice President, Strategic Partnerships, MCMC


“Wow and Wow. What an amazing book. And to think it is written by the wisdom of children. I couldn’t put it down … and I’m a grandmother! I especially like the parts at the end of each chapter called Reminders and Ideas for Action. Very contemporary thinking that drives accountability. Great job!”

rary thinking that drives accountability. Great job!”

Valerie Sokolosky, PCC & Master Brand


Author/Executive Coac

“These awe inspiring young authors give every parent foundational tips for building stronger relationships with your own children. They write from the heart, encourage us and share strategies to apply parenting principles that work for our children.”

Sales and Peak Performance


Mary Anne Wihbey-Davis

“Listen Up. Parents is an incredible reminder for the need to listen with our eyes, pay close attention with our hearts, and be vulnerable to the ones we love the most on this earth, our children. This book will be a tremendous resource to any parent who listens to these wise, young voices.”

Liz Morris

Author, Seekers

“Finally, practical insights and tools to build healthy relationships with children in today’s world. This book’s unique perspective, real-life examples and actionable ideas, make it a must-read for every parent.”

Sherry Nielsen

Chief Marketing Strategist, Marketing


“What a fresh perspective on parenting! I only wish I had this book when my daughter was younger, though it applies throughout life. It was truly eye-opening to see parenting from a kid’s perspective….this is really a parenting reference guide to be read again and again!”

Christi Sterling

Co-Founder, LockerLookz

“Please Listen Up , Parents is filled with revelations from a child’s perspective. What a gift to read about the benefits of parents and children paying attention to each other and caring about each other’s perspective. The 12 secrets reveal a ‘you plus me’ mindset that results in an uplifting and heartwarming read.”

Jo Ann Botts, Ed D.

Retired School Administrator

“What a gem! This is a book parents and kids alike would benefit from reading. As busy parents getting insight into our kid’s world and effectively parenting is a challenge. Cameron, Grace and Lexi Colan offer us the opportunity to see the world through the eyes of our kids and what they need and value from us as parents. Each chapter of this insightful book offers practical advice and action items for enhancing your family relationships. Much appreciated…. Thank you!

Dave & Tina Borden

“This rapid-read book meets the needs of today’s busy parents and helps them see things from a different perspective – their kids’ perspective! I was encouraged and felt empowered to

Apply these wonderful insights to build stronger family relationships.”

Jana Baker

Executive Director of Learning & Development,


“Today more than ever, it’s tough to be a parent and we need a support system, God’s grace, wisdom, and prayer to survive in the jungle of distractions and over commitments of our busy lives. We forget that one of the greatest gifts we can give our kids is our time. This is where every relationship starts and ends. The Colan kids remind us parents of this and are the voice for all kids! This book is easy to read, inspirational, and gives every parent encouragement to carry on, even when we fall down. A must read for every parent. Thank you Colan family for sharing your stories from your heart.”

Tammie Parnell

Owner, Bacio Fashion Accessories

“I just read the book, and I especially like the accuracy of the “12 Secrets”, but also the way they closed each chapter with “Back on the Job” reminders. We’re going to make sure both our girls’ husbands read “Listen Up” as they are trying to be the best parents to our 6 grandchildren that they can be. Thanks again for sharing this terrific resource for parents!”

Eric Harvey