Inspire:  Connecting with Students to Make a Difference

by Lee J. Colan, Ph.D.

What inspires students to learn?

How do teachers make a real difference for students?

Most students, past and present, say that it was a special connection the teacher made that brought out the best in them, inspired them and made a difference for them. All teachers have inspiring moments with students – some on purpose and some just happen. INSPIRE! delivers a fresh and simple pathway for teachers to connect with students and inspire them … everyday!



“Inspire! has captured the spirit and essence of the teaching profession. Dr. Coaln clearly shows the power of the teacher to give hope and positively influence the lives of students. I highly recommend this book to all educators.

Dr. Verda M. Farrow, Area Superintendent, Broward County Public Schools, Florida

“Lee Colan has once again communicated a powerful truth in a way that all of us can understand. Every teacher has the opportunity to “inspire” and this book provides realistic and practical advice to accomplish that goal. There is no greater task than to inspire the hearts and minds of our students and this book reminded me of that noble cause. The classrooms of today should be playgrounds of inspiration as we train the next generation of thinkers and leaders. This book is a “how to” for every person who has the privilege to teach.”

Larry Taylor

Headmaster, Prestonwood Christian Academy

“Inspire! frames the importance of relationship building with students while keeping in mind the whole child…mind and heart. It would be an excellent read for pre-service teachers to structure their preparation for entering the authentic world of educating our youth.”

Patricia Farrenkopf

B.S. of Education from Miami of Ohio

MAEd. from The Ohio State University teacher, supervisor, principal for 31+ years