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The LETTER: Official Report Of The L Group

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The LETTER is published weekly to provide practical insights and inspiration for today's leader. Join our rapidly growing community who are pursuing leadership excellence whether at home, at work or in their communities.

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What Readers Are Saying

Thank you for sharing this video – very inspiring. I appreciate your emails. Thank you for allowing God to use you each week! You are sowing great seed!!!!
Wendy White
Just a thank you for these bits of wisdom. Love getting these. I pass them along to all of our offices and leadership team. Thanks again!
Rich Ruggeri
It is amazing how many great messages I get from you and here we go again!
Merwyn A. Hayes, PhD
My Tuesdays and Fridays are always better because of you two!!
Wolford McCue
Thank you for your beautifully inspiring and "unparalleled" posts!
Bindu Saxena
I'm just lovin' The L Group's Newsletter. Great content in bite-size chunks for busy professionals who yearn for an intellectual snack. You rock!
Cheri J. Najor
I love all the little bits of inspiration and resources The L Group shares! Great content. Thank you!
Alyshia Ferri
Thank you for sharing your insights along with the powerful video messages through your emails. Each has provided a powerful dose of encouragement for me as well as those who I share them with. Often, I receive the comment, "How did you know this is exactly what I needed to hear?" I have been blessed to also share samples of your message during community presentations and bible studies. Through the eyes of the audience, I can see your messages touch a deep part of every heart in the audience. I pray that impact is what you envision every time you prepare one of your messages. May you continue to find the encouragement to impact so many lives through the expression of your gifts.
Todd Radke
Lee, You are truly inspiring and your perspectives that you bring are so foundational to how we should treat each other! It is so great to be able to share them with others as so many people would put a lamp shade over this. You truly bring it out in the light and make it shine for all the rest of us to see. Thank you!!!
Dave Arnold
I'm always nourished by your LETTERS and #322 was no exception. I love the thought you put into each one. It always makes me dig a little deeper and do a self-check. Thank you for giving so freely of your talent, inspiration and love. Those of us in your community truly appreciate you.
Kathryn Young
Realized that the words of motivation which come from you are sources of strength too. They reinforce our faith in ourselves and enable us to perform better.
Ganesh Shenoy
Thank you Lee for your work. It has made a difference in my professional and personal life!
Donna Schiding
Benjamin Franklin said, "Write something worthwhile or do something worth writing about." I think you and Lee do both! Thank you for this very good thought about the moment. You always make me think.
Kathryn Young
I have enjoyed his books and his Inspirational messages for quite some time. He is awesome to say the least!
Eva Thomas
I do enjoy your emails. They are a source of encouragement and motivation on a weekly basis.
Niccole D. Jones
You guys are amazing!! Thank you so kindly for the inspiration!
Mary Dao
Lee, I have enjoyed your letters, and you do inspire me to stick to it. I am 95 years old. I am sticking with it! I am a WWII Navy veteran. I still drive my car. So you can see that I am a tough old bird. I haven't given up yet, and I do plan to stick to it for at least two more years if it is part of God's plan. Thanks for your encouragement. Keep 'em coming!
Dorothy Hosack
Thanks for these letters/power points/short videos. They are a great contribution.once again for the awesome LETTER!
Tom F.

Your Tuesday and Friday emails help keep me going. This one especially touched me and strengthened me. I'll keep it in my inbox...kind of as an "In Case of Emergency." Thank you.

Janice Mancuso

Thanks for all these inspirations. They are all awesome. The next one outdoes the last. FANTASTIC!

Ray Nelson

I practically wait for your inspirational learning...and I'm almost always sending them along to friends and colleagues...thank you!!!!

Jacquie Serebrani-Kesner

Thank you, Lee. As someone wise once said, "We need to be reminded more often than we need to be taught." Thank you for some inspiring reminders!!!

DeeDee McVety

I am improving, humanizing, developing, learning and getting knowledgeable day by day under your mentorship.

Sonali Herkal

Once again, Lee, you have lifted my spirits and inspired my leadership. Your emails are a bright spot in my week, and a much needed "slowing down to go faster" that propel me to more and better results. Thanks for all you do!

Marcia Burroughs

Just wanted to let you know that I read your newsletters every week. Thanks for the inspiration and keep it coming.

Robin Zang Santos

Continue to shine your bright light on all of us.

Danya Casey

I want to thank you for the excellent training you provided to my Leadership Team yesterday. They told me it was the best training they have ever received! Quite a compliment coming from my group.

Chuck Jerasa

I would like to thank you for all your inspiring words but I think today's letter has moved me the most. All blessings for you and yours in 2013.

Christine M. McGregor-Pennock

As always, I enjoy the clever ways you send out your messages and stay current and relevant. Your posts are always a bright spot in the day.

Brad Kimball
Great information Lee! I don't know how you continue to come up with such well-written, impactful, useful and insightful information week after week, but I sure appreciate the fact that you do! Thanks once again for the awesome LETTER!
Robin Corbin
"The LETTER" is a wonderful source of inspiration and an incredible gift to your readers. Reading it is like being on a treasure hunt and always finding priceless treasure...nuggets of wisdom, belief, hope and inspiration to embrace and impart to others on life's journey. Thanks again for your generosity and your desire to sow into the lives of others. I appreciate you! Blessings—
Wannetta Wagner
I enjoy all of your newsletters and videos; but this one, my friend, was my very favorite so far! Keep them coming; they absolutely "make" my day!! Luv,
Colleen Barrett
I always enjoy The LETTER. You so adroitly combine practical wisdom, humor, and serious content in a lively writing style!
Keith O. Nave
This month's Letter was wicked awesome! I forwarded it to some of my folks. The video and your delivery were so cool, it is a really great style you have developed. I hope you will do more things like this. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREAT job!
Stephen Booher
Thank you very much. The quotes and photos are very inspirational. Every person who watches this movie will be able to relate to at least one of the quotes and what's going on in their life. You have a wonderful gift in making that connection.
Lisa Coburn
Thank you for including me in your weekly e-mails, they are insightful and motivational. After reading your e-mail today on focus and the yellow cars I looked out my office window and guess what I saw—A YELLOW CAR. Interesting. Thanks again.
Bill Haubner
I can't tell you how much I appreciate your newsletter and all the information you send each week. When I see your name in my inbox list I immediately click on to see the focus of the reflection and lesson for the week. Thank you for all that you do and for your continued support. It makes such a difference to me...and I'm sure to many other leaders out here working toward excellence! Take care and thanks again.
Mary Nardo
I certainly do find useful and inspiring information, and I thank you!
Steve Sears
Thank you Lee, I always look forward to your weekly updates. More often than not, it's something I need to be reminded of —and as some wise person once said, "We need to be reminded more often than we need to be taught." (smile!)
DeeDee McVety
Lee, thank you for having me on your weekly newsletter. It is always insightful, inspiring and educational. Truly brilliant!
Jim Atkins
Wanted to say thanks again for the newsletters. I keep them all in a folder and often use them during coaching. Thanks Lee — great stuff!
John Scammon
I get your note every week. I always enjoy reading it. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and knowledge with us. Blessings!
Marilyn Mansfield
Thank You for your motivating words, they always come when I need them the most. I truly enjoy the information and I use it to close my staff meetings! We are all women in this department and we are all very opinionated and sometimes when changes are made it upheavals some, but thanks to your insightful messages on Leadership and team building, I have been able to keep everyone motivated and focused.
Elia M. Juarez
I look forward to your emails each week. Please keep up the good work. Also, such kindness must be good for you, because you never look a day older in your picture.
Jim Penny
Love receiving your letters! Keep up the good work.
Sally Christian
Hey Lee! I've been meaning for a long time to write and thank you for your words of wisdom! As a fellow motivator, I really enjoy your straight-forward approach and passion you have for helping people! Keep up the great work!
Christopher Rausch
Thank YOU for all your wonderful advice!
Jeanine Rogers
I LOVE everything you do, as does my wife. Look forward to the LETTER next Wednesday. Many, many thanks.
Dave Stager
I have really enjoyed the newsletters and look forward to them weekly. I also have you on my Facebook page so I do not miss anything. Appreciate your willingness to share your thoughts.
Christina Williamson
Out of all the information from other speakers I receive —yours I read! Positive, succinct and strong reader value. Take care and keep up the good work!
Arlene Johnson
I love getting The LETTER. They are always energizing!
Lisa Lapiska
Your newsletters always seem to come at just the right time. Thanks so much for your uplifting, thought provoking messages each week, they are greatly appreciated.
Michelle Suter
Just so you know because it is a really good feeling you should get the ONE email I read AS SOON AS I SEE it, is THE LETTER! Not only do I enjoy it as it is great reading, I also learn (painlessly). Thank you so much!
Deb Thobe
I look forward to your inspiring messages every week and desperately want to share with my audiences. My role is to provide training and technical assistance to Head Start and Early Head Start staff in the state of Missouri. These important groups of people touch the lives of poverty-stricken children and families each day.
Diane J. Heichel
Just to let you know how much I appreciate your messages all year long. I really do read them, reflect on them, and share them with my peers. Thanks for the inspiration!
Marcia Burroughs
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your excellence and inspiring letters.....You always show up with timely comments which remind me and others of our gifts to be renewed and shared. I frequently share your letters with staff.
Pamela Smith
Your message today with the story of Sparky was great and relevant. I always enjoy your down to earth approach to real business situations and problems. Thanks for your perspectives.
AL Harper
Just wanted to drop you a word of thanks and appreciation for your insightful newsletters, I really enjoyed the article, "Quit Getting Comfortable" and plan to share this information in my next staff meeting. I've used your company for resources in the past to help me train, coach and encourage my team and will no doubt continue to draw from the wealth of knowledge and wisdom that your produce. Keep up the good work. You have a fan in Houston, TX!
Anthony B. West
I just wanted to thank you for what you share in The LETTER. After I read your article I had an urge to try something with my colleagues and wanted to share it with you as a small confirmation that there is additional inspiration in what you do. I plan to continue to use the information in the article for more of my coaching, Thank you and I hope you enjoy seeing what you inspired me to try.
Tim Stalsberg
Just a note to say thank you for the steadying and powerful letters you send. I will in all probability never be able to engage or work with your organization but boy, do I use your messages in my day to day work. Thank you. This is one newsletter that I will not be unsubscribing from as long as I have access to email!
Lydia Tanyanyiwa
Dear Lee, I realized this morning that although I read your wonderful newsletter each week and greatly benefit from the wisdom inside, I have never stopped to say thank you so much for sending it to us!
We so appreciate being the beneficiary of these wonderful newsletters! Today I especially got a re-check on my attitude after reading!
It seems like God provides things right when you need them! I know this is your business, but it's also a great ministry where you are being used to effect so many people in a positive way! Thanks again...and keep them coming!
Christi Sterling
I just wanted to let you know how awesome I thought this issue of The LETTER is! I want to acknowledge you for your awesome contributions! I am going to share this article you wrote with a team I am working with (giving you credit of course). Have a GREAT day!
Mark Lefko
Lee, I want to personally thank you for your letters. Words cannot express just how much your messages have helped me. Not only professionally—but also personally. What amazes me is that no matter what challenges I might have encountered the day before, I come in to find your message almost tailored specifically to help. Your words have inspired me and I can't thank you enough for including me in the distribution.
Darla Kestle
Hi Lee, Thank you for today's issue of The LETTER. Once again you bring up a simple subject that is easy to remember. I always have time to read your newsletters. Your videos are always good too. Today (which is the reason I found the will to reply to you) one of the books behind you especially caught my notice—Stick to it. Those are three powerful words. I thank you for your inspiring letters. I will stick to them! You are terrific!
Ingibjörg Reynisdóttir
Dear Lee, You've done it again! So simple yet so positive and powerful. Can't wait to say those three simple words to the next one that walks into the office! Keep coming to us with The LETTER. It is always an inspiration and so well worth reading. God bess you!
Ann from London
Just a few words to let you know how much I appreciate your weekly newsletter. I get to pick up some useful information from your letter and get to see some of the newest ideas and thoughts.
Luis Soto
I appreciate your Letters; they always have something to say to me and make me think big time. And often I use the message behind them to try to motivate supervisors in a daily "reminder" email I send out to have a huddle with their folks, to reward their progress, focus their day, and motivate them to get after it. Thank you for taking time to send along these important messages. Keep it up because if you are a catalyst for change in these very positive directions, imagine what our world could be!
Robert Craig
I received your letter last week, didn't get a chance to read it until this morning, when I am facing a mess of trials at work—I am so glad I read it today when I really need to hear this!! Thanks again for your insight and helpful words.
Diane Ranney
I don't know how many people write to say "Thanks". Thanks for the inspirational words that you give. I really enjoy listening to your videos. They give me hope and Ideas for my future in life and my business. So, to you I say, "Muchas Gracias mi amigo!"
Mickey Vargas
I really enjoy reading your weekly newsletters. It's amazing how such down to earth philosophies can make such an impact, especially in today's world. I appreciate being included each week. Thank you so much!
Nancy Prince
Just want to thank you for your words of inspiration. I share your site and stories with my team of 70+. Your words and stories motivate me and help me become a better leader. Thank you!
Laurie Braden
Lee, I always love reading your missives. Different ones strike different chords. Thanks for all your inspirational yet common-sense e-mails ... even when we're not in a difficult economic climate, your well-crafted words always offer something useful, practical and, well, I hate to use "inspirational" twice, but your positivity is just that.
Frank Lovece
I can't tell you how much I enjoy The Letter! I find them the most inspiring and insightful of all the stuff I find in my inbox. Keep up the good work!
Jim Atkins
You are so amazingly gifted!!! I so much enjoy reading The Letter. It's one of those things in life that always make you go "hmmm."!
Monica Sudomir
This is really excellent —you are so gifted at the short story that totally draws you in... and then a rich lesson and take away experience. thank you.
Elaine Siciliano Morris
Recently you sent me an e-mail with a story challenging me to look for yellow cars a.k.a opportunity. As I sat by the office window I looked out thinking, “huh, this is New England and we don’t drive yellow cars.” I kept looking for a few minutes and guess what—a yellow car drove by on the highway. I almost fell off the chair! Every so often I’d look out and sure enough, another yellow vehicle passed by. The message came through loud & clear—opportunity is out there, we just have to recognize it when we see it. AND, be prepared when it’s shown to us.

Now when I’m going down the road & see a yellow car I automatically think —OPPORTUNITY —smile to myself and think “it’s true, opportunity is on every corner.”
Ruth Peasley
I continually reference the many books that I have received from you to keep me on the right path. Your material is practical, actionable and can be applied as I go about my daily family and business activities.

I apply each message to make my life better for all the people that I come in contact with in my life.
Dick Grogean
Thanks for the e-mail Lee. I view The Nature of Excellence movie weekly... it never gets old. I have also shared it with my four daughters (three of them are triplets) and they love it as well. In fact, after viewing the movie, one daughter immediately ordered several of the posters featured in the movie —they are proudly displayed in her room.

I know they will re-visit the movie many times in the next few years. They are seniors on their Basketball team, and the message in The Nature of Excellence fIt's so many situations.

Thanks for all you do. You are making a difference!
Jim Walker
You know, sometimes I think you are a mind reader. Not only have you conditioned me to be hungry for your Letter and drop everything to stop and read it, but you have me believing you have written it just for me!! You know that feeling in church on Sundays when you are sure the sermon is directed at you??? Same thing here! Thanks again for adding a bright spot to my day and giving me the encouragement to Persevere!!
Vira Trevino
Such great words! This email could not come at a better time. I was starting the think of the reasons why I'm striving to complete my doctorate. This provided me with the pick me up that I needed. I also forwarded your thoughts to several of my colleagues that I believe are in the same boat. I hope you keep inspiring people to see what we can do if we just put ourselves out there and try! In today's society he hear so little of this but I believe it is what we can all use. It is a good reminder and can serve as a big dose of support.
Joyell Weimer
Thanks a lot........I cherish your emails..........simple 80/20 ideas
Bharat Kapur
I'm a Lecturer at University of Karachi teaching various subjects in Management, Marketing and Communication Skills at undergraduate and graduate level. I'm also a visiting management trainer at other places.

I've been receiving your inspirational newsletters for some time now and had been collecting your tips for my personal grooming as well as for my students. This email is my very first time to acknowledge your contribution and your always high spirIt's as rendered in your views. I must admit that an individual makes the whole difference only if he/she recognizes one's own strength. Whenever I read your motivating words, instantly I start feeling good about myself.

Life has become so busy and relations have grown distant, all the time we are thinking of an escape which I believe is surrender for no good for any. We always need a guide, a mentor, a spring of inspiration that can make us feel worthwhile. Please accept my gratitude for being one of my source of encouragement.

I thought many times to write to you but always procrastinated and thought would anyone sitting at another corner of the world, being much much busier than me, read my mail. But now, after reading "the power of One" I'm swayed to say my THANKS to you. Thank you very much for being someone for many like me seeking another little push to find the better inside for a much better outside.

May you and your team keep on getting the prayers from around the globe forever.
Saima Akhtar
Lee, I just want to say thank you for doing what you do. I've had a pretty rough week and this message came at a perfect time. The message brought me clarity and an adjustment to my focus on where I really need to be spending my efforts. Thanks a ton!
Jeremy Gallas
I just wish to thank you for all the inspirational messages you had been sending throughout the year. Let me congratulate you on the fine work you are doing for folks like me and thousands of others who have learned so much from you. I am a better man today than I was a year ago and I will continue to be a student for life. Stay in touch.
Peter Bheda
I thoroughly love The LETTER and look forward to reading each publication. I wanted you to know that this issue touched my heart as I think about my dad and how he instilled similar values deep within me. I celebrate this day with you and deeply desire to leave a legacy with my daughter as well.
Marcus Laughlin
I appreciate receiving your emails and get so excited when reading them! There is hope for those who want to change for the best! Sometimes, I forget that... so thanks for the reminders!
Priscilla Brown
I just wanted to send you a note to say ‘Thank You’ for the inspiration that you deliver through The LETTER.

I look forward to the e-mail and visit your sight for inspiration often.

Great Job, Great material...I find many opportunities to use your materials with my colleagues at work, with the senior high students in an economics class that I volunteer for as a Junior Achiever consultant, with the Boy scout and Cub Scouts programs that I help with and with my family / personal life.

Thank You for all you do.
Tim Stalsberg
I can’t describe how important your “Practical Insights for Today’s Leader” means to me personally. Thank you and keep them coming.
JoAnn Adams
I read and enjoy all your newsletters, but this one on “Hang On” was particularly poignant and powerful. Thanks for sharing an amazing story with your typical insightfulness.
Elizabeth Fratantuono
I don't know who you are on the other side of this email but you are truly being used by God!!! Thanks or letting Him speak through you.
Taminika Outlaw
I only open and read one e-newsletter on a regular basis ... yours. I wanted to let you know that I enjoy your upbeat and energizing newsletters. I really like how you package and present your messages.
Mark Phelps
Your message today was well done, as they usually are. Strong, simple and to the point with some good quotes and a character builder if deeply considered. Thank you for putting your heart into your messages.
George Hendley

Awesome video ... I love The LETTER! They are such high value, I always pause to open and look at them. Kudos ... I appreciate all that you do! YOU are making a difference in peoples lives ... particularly mine for sure!

Thanks and wishing you and AWESOME weekend! Keep up the GREAT work!

Mark Lefko
Your videos are amazing. The day I am really down or not motivated at all, as soon as I watch your video I became a completely different person. Your inspirational words give me confidence and boost in my life. I wish one day I can meet you in person.
Thanks, Habibeh

I'm so enthralled with your articles. Your video on "The Specifics of Accountability" is awesome! I appreciate you and your write ups. They are great and will share them with my friends.

Basil Okorafor

I enjoy receiving your LETTERs and am impressed with your ability to derive insights from people and to access leaders who are inspiring role models. Thank you for your commitment and passion to develop leaders who care about and serve others.

Kareen Strickler

Your inspirational short videos make my day each and every day that you send them. It makes me feel good about myself and gives me hope and reassurance of how to keep going no matter what detours get in the way. Thank you for these moments. Thank god there are people like you that inspire others. These are truly apprecieated. Thank you so much.

Jennifer Kinsey, A Loyal Fan

All your videos are so very inspiring. God bless you for all your efforts to make this world a better place.

Josephine Pinto

Your newsletters are like supplements for the soul.

Janice Mancuso

I cannot find words to commend your efforts and contributions. May God give you more vision, wisdom and comprehension so you can continue your contributions.


Dear Lee,
Each and every day you have something special to give us ... I want to thank you deeply for each and every one. May our dearest God continue to bless you SPECIAL each and every day!!!

Love and Gratitude,
Sr. Joanna Pappicco

You have done an exceptional job of expressing key themes in both personal and professional situations. Your content is inspirational and valuable.

Crystal Hahn

Thank you so much for this. I share these with many people and hope inspiration comes into their life at the right moment with the right message ... just like yours did for me today.

Peggy Bardouniotis

I love reading your material and weekly newsletters. I am a fan that admires you work and the spirit of integrity that is the foundation of your business.

Anthony B. West

I so appreciate your encouraging newsletters. They are always uplifting and help me to become a better person. With so much negative around it is wonderful to have people like you helping others. God Bless you and your staff.

Judy Suan

Thank you for your weekly emails. Every Tue and Fri I look forward to reading/listening to your messages. I appreciate you and your work.

Janice Mancuso

I deeply admire your work and love the contents, the music, the quality of the photography, but especially your vision


This video is a great inspirational tool. For me, today, at this moment in time in my life, it served as a “lift me up tonic.” Thanks you for sharing it with me. It is much appreciated!

Michael M. Charne