Orchestrating Attitude

Orchestrating Attitude


Business Challenge

A landmark study shed light on the ultimate benefit of a positive attitude. In this particular study, participants who were more positive lived an average of 10 years longer than the other participants. Considering that smoking has been shown to reduce life expectancy by 5.5 years for men and 7 years for women, your attitude might be a health risk factor worth paying real attention to.

The topic of attitude can be conceptual and confusing. In fact, as we go through life we often hear phrases like: “keep your chin up,” “look on the bright side” or “you need a winning attitude.” Unfortunately, we seldom know how convert these soft sayings into hard results.

The great news is that even in the worst situations your attitude is something you can always control!

This book translates the incomprehensible into the actionable. It cuts through the clutter to deliver inspiration and application so you can orchestrate your attitude….. and your success!

Target Audience

Leaders at every level.

Learning Objectives

Participants will create personal plans to more effectively orchestrate their thoughts, words and actions to get the BEST from themselves and others! This fast-paced, highly interactive workshop helps people become leaders of their own lives by:

  • Taking an assessment to measure how well they are orchestrating their own attitudes.
  • Identifying thoughts, words and actions that are not serving themselves and others.
  • Practicing simple techniques to respond to adversity to create positive outcomes.
  • Building an accountability plan and BEST team to support their ongoing success.

We can train your internal staff to skillfully deliver this workshop throughout your organization or you can rely on our certified facilitators. 


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Client Impact

I love it! It inspired me, reminded me and nudged me to action. We have all heard that attitude generates altitude, but Colan has recreated the message in a fresh, actionable way. I had many people in mind (including myself) as I read Orchestrating Attitude. What a great tool!

Lisa Lapiska
Sr. Director, Corporate Development