I am the son and the father of an artist. I think that gene skipped a generation!

My dad was way ahead of his time, and so is my son. Recently, my son, Cameron, took a few of his grandfather’s paintings and interpreted them in his own way.

Below is a poetic letter that Cameron wrote. It set the tone for an art show featuring his paintings that were influenced by his grandfather, my dad, who passed away in 1990 before Cameron was born. Toward the end of the letter, Cameron references features of some of my dad’s paintings.

Dear Grandpa,
    time and time again
I stare at your work in awe.

As time may have it,
    we’ll never be in the same room.
As life may have it,
    our minds will be on the same wall soon.

As time may have it,
    we’ll never see eye to eye.
As life may have it,
    I can see your mind was able to fly.

As time may have it,
    before I was here you had to say bye.
As life may have it,
    together we can paint the same blue sky
    and the same comforting lullaby
    and the same eggs beginning to cry
    and the same man running by.

Dear Grandpa,
    what I am trying to imply
Is my gratitude to the universe
    for this unbreakable tie.

May you be blessed with unbreakable ties with your loved ones!

You can see Cameron’s paintings here.