Here are 5 back-to-school tips from three “parenting experts” who are siblings. They wrote these tips to parents when they were 21, 18 and 15 years old while they authored Please Listen Up, Parents.

  1. If we really don’t want the latest lunchbox, let it go – we are trying to be cool.
  2. Get us into a routine before school starts – even if we say we hate going to sleep early.
  3. As much as we love fast food, please plan our dinners at home for the first week of school so we have time to discuss our days face-to-face at the dinner table (having a family meal together on a regular basis would be awesome).
  4. Do not make it a bigger deal than it is – we respond to how you react to situations, please don’t freak us out.
  5. We are trying to figure new stuff out at the beginning of the year. We appreciate your interest and questions, but we might not know all the answers yet.

Please Listen Up, Parents is written by kids for parents and leaders. It has dual application to the work front and the home front. It reveals 12 secrets YOUR kids want YOU to know.

Elevate your leadership and your parenting by applying this simple wisdom from the mouths of babes found in this rapid-read book designed for today’s busy parent/leader at home.

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