All living organisms move toward things that are life-sustaining and away from those that are life depleting. We see this in action when the plant on our windowsill moves toward the sunlight. Light activates chemical reactions in plants and people that generate life-giving energy.

This movement toward light is called the heliotropic effect. It’s a good bet that most if not all of the best leaders in your life have filled you with positive energy and emotions. Healthy leaders act in ways that draw people to them, such as inspiring others, showing integrity, and being genuine in their interactions and relationships.

Healthy leaders supply light so that teams can ultimately shine on their own. Employees who work for healthy leaders tend to be more engaged in their work, have an improved sense of well-being, and are more innovative.

This is an excerpt from Healthy Leadership. Learn how you can apply the principles of love, positivity and growth to help you and your team thrive!

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