It’s summer time. Students have graduated from high school and many of them are about to set out on the adventure of a lifetime – college.

Although it has been many years ago, I can remember my first year of college as if it was yesterday. I remember being so excited to depart my comfortable state of Ohio to attend Florida State University.

Everything was new. I had butterflies of excitement and anxiety all at once. I enjoyed meeting new people and exploring the beautiful campus. However, I have to admit, I was initially homesick. My loving family, boyfriend at the time, friends and comfortable home were left behind. I loved adventure (and still do!), but I was hurting.

I spent time with new friends, tried new activities like judo and fully engaged in my new “home”.; All of that was nice, but what really helped me was a surprise.

Another student on my hall, Emilie, was more homesick than I was. I felt so bad for her I turned my attention from my own situation and focused on helping her. I did my best to distract Emilie and keep her active – we did lots of new activities together. It was in helping my new friend that I really helped myself.

So, when you have a need, help someone else succeed. In blessing others, we bless ourselves. By the way, Emilie and I have been friends ever since.

Who will you be a blessing to today?

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