We want a healthy diet, finances, emotions, and habits too,
But what about healthy leadership for me and you?

Whether you lead a hundred people or just three,
The healthy leader’s mantra is “Team over me.”

The journey toward healthy leadership starts with you,
To humility and service, we must stay true.

Begin with principles like love, positivity, and growth,
Internalize these as your leadership oath.

See the human behind the employee to lead with love,
For your team, this feels like a gift from above.

Manage your mind and emotions to lead with positivity,
This helps replace a barrier with a possibility.

Always remain curious to sustain your growth,
To expand perspectives for you and your team both.

Next, apply practices to clarify, connect, and coach,
You’ll inspire results that are beyond reproach.

Clarify your vision, values, and expectations,
Outstanding performance is built upon these foundations.

Connect to purpose and to your team,
It’s the glue that makes work feel like a dream.

Employees want a coach to help them grow,
Develop them daily so improvements will show.

To inspire healthy performance nurture yourself and take five,
This serves the greater good so everyone can thrive!


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