A few summers ago my family vacationed in beautiful St. Lucia.  One of our adventures included climbing Gros Piton (meaning “Large Peak”).  It was billed as a casual 2-hour hike to the peak at 2,619 feet. 

As the photo above shows, we quickly found out that it was more like climbing steep boulders.  Think of it as a Stair Master workout on the high setting for 4 hours straight. I am glad we did not know that beforehand!

It was great to push ourselves physically and mentally to make it to the top and back down in the pouring rain.

As my friend Pat Johns, who is an extreme runner, says, “It’s not about the body.”

So, I wanted to share this video of much more impressive human feats to encourage you to push a bit further to unleash your full potential.  You might be amazed at what you achieve.