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A couple of weeks ago we shared how the art of adherence is a lot like growing Indian Thorny bamboo, which is native to Asia. It takes up to two years of careful attention for the plant to build a strong root structure, none of which is visible above ground. However, once the sprout finally breaks through the earth, the Indian Thorny bamboo can grow up to 100 feet in a month!

We related this growth cycle to the journey of Adherence. When you consistently sharpen focus, build competence and ignite passion, you build a foundation for adherence.

One aspect of bamboo we did not discuss is its strength and flexibility, two characteristics we need to be successful personally and in business. Well, let us say no more. Just take a look at these photos to see the kind of strength and flexibility we can attain if we nurture our plans like a bamboo seed.

No steel involved here – only bamboo!

Crazy Bamboo

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