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The art of adherence is a lot like growing Indian Thorny bamboo, which is native to Asia. Like many bamboo species, when this particular seed is planted, it requires just the right amount of watering, sunlight, care and feeding.

It takes up to two years of this careful attention for the plant to build a strong root structure, none of which is visible above ground.

However, once the sprout finally breaks through the earth, the Indian Thorny bamboo can grow up to 100 feet in a month! When you consistently give your attention to sharpening focus, building competence and igniting passion, you build an organization-wide foundation for adherence.

Initially, you may not see many tangible results. But rest assured, things are happening beyond your sight. Adherence is growing. Leaders and team members begin to stick with it, to execute their plans with consistency.

Your team builds momentum as it adheres to its plan and achieves small goals that lead to bigger goals. The required effort decreases over time as actions become habits. Momentum continues to increase, resulting in a self-reinforcing cycle of achievement. Then, seemingly overnight, your results will take off and your achievements will multiply.

For proof, see this photo submitted by one of our readers, Mark Phelps. Bamboo Mark and his wife traveled to Hawaii and took this photo. Looks like everything is in proportion, right? Well, did you notice his wife in the lower right at the base of the bamboo?

Mastering the art of adherence is a primary job of every leader at every level of the organization, and the adherence equation will help you do just that. It offers a proven way to consistently execute your plan.

Adherence Equation

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